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General Misconduct

Where Nerves End
(2nd Edition)

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Of course, it would seem a bit silly to have a single site for two authors who aren't collaborating, but therein lies the rub: L. A.  and Lauren are the same person.  Yes, yes, it's true.   But why use two names?  Simple: Two genres, two authors.  Both write erotic romance and erotica, but Lauren writes male/female (including lesbian and bisexual) while L. A. focuses exclusively on gay male.

This is the place for updates and info about me, myself, and I...or, more importantly, the books.  Check what's new for updates, browse the "Books by Lauren" and "Books by L. A." pages to see what's coming and what's already available. Please note that L.A. has separate pages for Science Fiction/Fantasy, Historical Fiction, the Market Garden series, The Wilde's (aka The Distance Between Us) series, and the Tucker Springs series. Links to those are in the dropdown menu under "Books by L.A." 

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